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Customer Relationship Management (CRM)


The Situation

A company with a sales team of 20 staff needed a system which would allow for effective and efficient customer relationship management. This system would have to consider the large volume of customers and therefore data and the security implications which would come with this. How the data would be processed was an important issue to consider. The client also required a solution that allowed for the automation of both sales and order management as opposed to the current more labour-intensive approach.


The Opportunity

This proposal offered a challenge in terms of constructing a system which could handle the data of 4 million customers. Not only was the infrastructure vital to the solution but also the security measures which would be put in place in order to protect the data and therefore the reputation of our client.

Prior to the implementation of the system, the company's customer relationship management system wasn't cohesive and required disproportionate amount of time and effort in order to function . The challenge was to the create a system that connected each aspect of the customer experience, from the initial order, all the way to delivery and post-sale support. These would be located within a single infrastructure and therefore easily accessed.


The Outcome

We implemented a robust and efficient system which allowed for the input and processing of customer information. The interface was designed to be easy to use with an intuitive and user-friendly navigation. We also ensured that fast data entry was a main consideration when designing the interface in order to combat inefficiency.

Sales and order management have been completely automated. This means that both staff and customers have access to this service in real-time and aren't constrained by factors such as time of day or high demands.

The new system allowed staff to access detailed, real-time data on any customer. This included information on orders, delivery, payments, contact information and history, as well as much more. The new infrastructure has streamlined the company's overall approach to customer service, greatly increasing efficiency whilst also boosting customer satisfaction.

All the data which is stored and processed within the new system is fully encrypted to ensure maximum security. This means the data is protected against theft or even large-scale breaches which are becoming more and more commonplace in today's society.

We are proud to have designed a solution which was not only effective but also completely bespoke and tailored to the requirements of this specific client.

Since implementing this system, the business has seen an increase in overall productivity.


The Future

We designed this infrastructure to grow with the business. This means the system will continue to be effective and efficient as more customer relationships are created. We continue to work with the company and offer comprehensive after sales support in order to ensure long term satisfaction.

The relationship between the customer and the service provider is incredibly important and it's only with ongoing investment and improvement that this relationship can be maintained.




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