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Online Order Processing


The Situation

The company was looking for a way to partially automate their sales and ordering system. The new system would have to consider the multiple stages which are involved in the ordering process and the synchronisation which would be required. As well as streamlining the overall system, this adaptation would also reduce the man power that is normally required, increasing efficiency and speed and therefore improving customer satisfaction. The client was looking for a system that could be easily integrated with their current infrastructure and therefore easy to install without the need for any significant downtime.


The Opportunity

One of the main challenges facing the implementation of this system was ensuring that the ordering process was seamless, with each section working in harmony. One of the aims of the new system was to greatly reduce the amount of manual work that was required and replacing it with an automated system. This means the infrastructure needed to be robust and reliable, with enough processing power to handle the numerous orders received each and every day.

There also needed to be a serious consideration to continuity, as the new system had to coordinate the actions of six different people and therefore accuracy and efficiency are paramount concerns.

As with all modern businesses, security is another vital issue- especially with so many high-profile examples of data theft or loss in recent years and therefore this also had to be factored in.

In order to guarantee that the new system was equipped for the task at hand, it was thoroughly tested prior to being implemented.


The Outcome

We worked with the company to design and deliver a solution that was completely tailored to their specific requirements. The new system has revolutionised their approach to online order processing with 65% of the manual work now being completely automatic.

The new management infrastructure coordinates the actions of six different people seamlessly. The system has been specifically designed so that no stage can be overlooked and therefore no order is lost or forgotten. This ensures customer satisfaction and safeguards the company's reputation from negative feedback. This new approach helps in reducing the effect of human error which can be particularly problematic within the sales industry.

We have made sure to provide a solution that is not only effective but also future-proof. It's for this reason that online order infrastructure is mobile and tablet friendly. We should also point out that the system is fully encrypted and therefore secure. This is particularly important as the threat of data hacking and theft has never been more real.

We will continue to test the system in real time to ensure long term effectiveness and make changes where necessary.


The Future

Our aim was to design a solution that is not only effective in the present but also adaptable and able to grow with the company. This means there is the potential for further automation and therefore greater efficiency which helps to save time, money and effort.




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