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Website Redesign


The Situation

The First Directory website required a complete redesign in order to improve on areas such accessibility, functionality, storage and overall aesthetic. This redesign was implemented to ensure that the website was not only functional but also future proof and therefore factors such as mobile friendly design and data storage were also factored in.


The Opportunity

There were a number of objectives when designing the new website. One such aim was to improve functionality and therefore provide visitors with more options when it came to interacting with the website. The purpose behind this was to make the online experience easier and more meaningful, therefore increasing the likelihood of a visitor becoming a customer.

Another aspect of the redesign was improving the actual infrastructure of the website with an emphasis on modernisation. This required the use of a range of advanced technologies in order to ensure that First Directory was faster, more efficient and suitable for multiple platforms.

The actual company data which is stored on the website was also an issue that needed to be looked in to. The aim was to allow for more data storage and therefore a much more attractive service for potential customers.


The Outcome

We designed a new website utilising a wide variety of tools, including C#, .NET, MVC, Entity Framework, Bootstrap and jQuery.

One of the main adaptations of the new website was ensuring that it was suitable for multiple platforms, including mobile and tablet browsing. Creating a mobile-friendly version of the site was vital as more and more consumers are choosing to browse the web using these devices over traditional methods.

Building on the idea of improving the basic functionality of the site, we also considered loading times. One of the main aims when designing the new site was to make it easier and more enjoyable to use and therefore we made sure to reduce the time at which it takes to load, across multiple devices.

First Directory is a directory website and therefore data storage is an important factor. We took this in to consideration when designing the new infrastructure and it can now store up to four times the amount of company data as before.

As with every redesign the overall aesthetic of the website was also updated. We made sure to keep the familiar aspects of the site, such as the colour scheme and general appearance but we have streamlined and modernised the overall design- including the logo.


The Future

One of the objectives for the redesign was to not only modernise the website but also create something that could take the company in to the future. It's also worth pointing out that we can easily update the website to reflect any new features or changes to the business.




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