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Online Management System


The Situation

The client required a new online management system that offered graphical reporting of Key Performance Indicators (KPI's). More specifically, that of the different teams within the company, for example sales, support, accounts, IT etc. As KPI's are an invaluable indicator of the overall success of the company and its ability to meet business targets, the correct reporting of this data is paramount.


The Opportunity

The problem facing this company and many others in the same position is that they weren't utilising the correct type of software in order to obtain reports on KPI's. Some businesses choose overly complex software packages which are created for much larger companies and others use programs such as Excel, which can only offer limited information. The aim was to create a system which could provide high quality reports and was tailored to the company in question.

The client wanted an online management system which was also accessible on all devices and therefore mobile-friendly. This was an important factor as more people are opting to use their mobile phones or tablets when online, instead of desktop and laptop computers.

As the online management system contains sensitive data, security was another important factor. The main aim was to ensure that all of the information stored within the system would be encrypted and therefore protected against loss or theft. This has become a particularly pertinent issue within recent years as hacking is even more prevalent than ever before.


The Outcome

We designed an online management system which allowed users to create in-depth graphical reports on all KPI's within the company. The new system also allows for much more variety as reports can be generated on individual teams within the company, e.g. sales, support, IT, accounts etc. This is a particularly useful feature as it allows business owners to zero in on the specific aspects of the company which are doing well and conversely the sections that need extra work.

Building on this, we ensured the new system had a full suite of management reports, looking at a range of different metrics. We created a dashboard application which allowed users to view all of their metrics in one place, simplifying the process. Therefore companies can receive a snapshot of their reports before deciding which individual metrics to investigate further. It's also worth noting that we integrated a feature which allowed for real-time monitoring of data. This allowed for key reports to be displayed on screens around the office for everyone to see.

When designing the new system, we integrated a high level of security which included password protection, data encryption and the use of a firewall.

We also ensured that the new design was mobile-friendly- improving on accessibility and versatility.


The Future

The system has been designed for long-term use and benefits from features that are adaptable and future-proof. However, the way in which companies measure and analyse metrics such as KPI's may well change. It's quite likely that big data will become even more prevalent in the future and as technology advances, smaller companies may also get the opportunity to utilise this tool. The online management system features a design that can grow alongside the business and adapt to changes if and when they come.




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