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How We Work We de-risk the delivery of innovative software projects

In the 20 years that we have been delivering successful software projects, we have found that there is no single process that fits all clients. Because of this we us a hybrid model based on the Agile and Waterfall mythologies. The most import factor is to consider your business goals and structure the engagement to best suit your needs. We don't believe in fitting you into a mould.

Using our hybrid process, we have successfully delivered software systems across numerous industries. The proactive guidance, development and support we provide ensures that your website or application delivers the outcomes your business requires not just today, but for years to come.

Below is an overview of how a project normally unfolds:


Initial Meeting

After an initial enquiry, ideally, we prefer to meet face‐to‐face, establish what it is you need and discuss your requirements in detail. We will then produce a full proposal and should then be able to provide a ballpark quotation to give you a rough idea of costs.


Systems Design

Once you are happy to proceed, for a fixed fee, usually around £2,000 but dependant on the size of the project, we will carry out a comprehensive requirements gathering and systems design exercise. This quite often involves several days on site. We will work closely with you and your key staff to fully understand and document what the software is required to do. With this information we will be able to produce:

  • an agreed Requirements Specification
  • a Design Specification
  • "Wireframes" and prototypes of main screens
  • a fixed price for the work.


Software Development

Once contracts, project plan and milestones have been agreed the programming team will start work on your project.

The project is broken into smaller modules for developers to work on – each containing short but intense cycles of planning, development, testing and customer review. The major advantage of this method is that developers can respond to changes in requirements if they arise.

We will actively seek feedback from you throughout the entire project to ensure we're on track to deliver the solution you need for your business to succeed.

With most projects, we can give you access to regular builds to enable you to have full visibility of progress and, as the work matures, to begin testing and provide feedback to us. This ensures that any deviations from plan or requirement are identified and corrected at the earliest opportunity.


Software Acceptance Testing

At the end of the development stage, we deliver a system which is ready for testing. During development we will always be using integration and unit testing but extensive testing of the system begins at this point to see how well it executes its functions under real world workloads.


System Installation

Once testing is complete, and the system is ready to “go live”. We'll manage the full role out of the system to production and any migration of data which is required from previous systems. A six month warranty begins within which any teething problems are fixed completely free of charge in accordance with our bug-free guarantee.


Support and Maintenance

Project launch doesn't mean the end of our commitment to you. We can provide support contract with an SLA‐based help desk, so that any problems you encounter during operational use can be diagnosed and resolved quickly. We can also provide hosting services and server maintenance.