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Systems Integration Bringing together component sub-systems into one system

At BrainLogic, we work with you to monitor and evaluate systems across all departments in order to help streamline business processes and boost productivity.

With systems integration, you can achieve an improved automated workload, reduce processing time and increase efficiency.

Our team of specialists evaluates existing systems to identify and suggest improvements. These improvements could be in the form of bespoke software development to better connect existing systems, or in the creation of a single new programme that can operate across all departments.


The ability to understand your needs, challenges and objectives is where we excel. Our experienced team quickly identifies your business needs in order to execute solutions that will enhance business value and achieve an excellent ROI. We use agile methodologies to deliver systems integration solutions which means we are open to tests, critique and integration change during the process to achieve the most effective end result.


Alongside the technology aspect, our savvy team takes into consideration the people and business processes already in place to be able to identify, develop and deliver the most effective solutions.

We work closely with you and your teams to drive the analysis and design of integrated systems forwards.

The integration process may include:

  • Application Development
  • Application Design
  • Infrastructure Management
  • Architecture and Technical Strategy
  • Software Support and Development

Our specialists deliver large scale integration solutions covering conceptual architectures, application architecture (and design) and software engineering.

If you would like to find out more about systems integration, or you would like to discuss your systems integration problems and concerns, please give us a call.